Stylists Of Wella

Denne måneden presenterer Wella noen av sine gode samarbeidspartnere. Og denne gang er det vår egen dyktige sjef, Kristin som blir presentert.

Stylists Of Wella
Today we meet Kristin from @ramsvikfrisor in #MyStylistStory 

Ramsvik Frisørs collaboration with Wella started for almost 50 (!) years ago, with the first salon opened by Sigmund Ramsvik in 1971 in Norway. Kristin Blytt Davidsen is today the CEO of @ramsvikfrisor and got actually in to the hairdressing business by a coincidence but with a big passion for always delivering first class customer service her 10 years in the industry has been a real success story. Education has always been a priority and here Kristin says Wella has been a big supporter and partner. Today they have 10 salons with 104 employees in the Western part of Norway.

Thank you @ramsvikfrisor for being part of our #WellaFamily